Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Word Called by LOVE

May 29, 2013 0
There is one word that hard for everyone for describe
Like a flowing water it comes
Then planted in human's heart
Growing as a very gorgeous flower
With this thing,
Every girl who gets become cuter
And every boy become more dashing
They try to hold on each other
Until someday they will walk through together into the wedding altar
This thing is very important for everyone to have
Not only for their loved one..
But also for everyone in this this life
The most important thing in this world..
And that thing,
Called by, LOVE

Friday, April 5, 2013

Lord Please Gives Me..

April 05, 2013 0

Lord gives me strength,
Jesus Christ please pray for me,
Let me pass the thing that should I do
I just an ordinary person
Tears and emotion always appear from my body
I just Your creature.
I'm not perfect
So please,
Teach me how to be as wise as You are,
How to keep in my hope when I still haven't reach it
Let me pass the way I should walk away..
Walk and walk, run and run, until someday I can reach the ends
To find my dream, my destiny..
Which can give me a thousand happiness, 
For now, and forever always..

Friday, March 29, 2013

Lord's Way

March 29, 2013 0
Maybe this is not my chance
Or maybe Lord haven't decided
I should be patient,
This is not my way, this Lord's way
He who has the roll of my destiny in this world
Maybe this is the best,
He has thought well and has prepared my way
It will be nice in the right time
So now, 
I'll here and be patient,
Until He gives me my treasure box
A box which consist of my ages, life, love, and destiny
That should be nice
The best,
Because Lord who has chosen for me :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Swan

March 20, 2013 0
There will be time for the sun to shine,
There will be time for the flowers to grow as they are,
And there will be time for this ugly duckling to change become a very beautiful swan that you will not even guess that

She may be ugly now,
But surely she will turn into a very beautiful figure apparently
Not excessively, but also no shortage, simple ..

Really bad apparently,
But you have to listen, it will turn up and you'll be amazed
For what she do that?
For someone who she fallen with
She wants to show that it was best for her dream
Realizing that there was nothing else she wanted in addition to the dream
Therefore, she went to cross the seven seas and eleven oceans to reach her dream..
You might insulted it,
But she is sure, no one was not to be done in this world
She might not look now,
But the day will come where she will shine, beat your evening moonlight
She will make you stunned
And she would be back with a figure of prince to accompany
A figure that she wanted all her life
The figure that made her change
Changed be like a true girl, who is in love ..

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rotten Flower

February 07, 2013 0

I do not know
All it hurts
The flower does not look bright again
Withered ..
I looked at a series of clouds above me
everything is dark
Whisper pigeons were no longer beautiful in my ear,
Precisely made ​​me deaf
I'm blind
because love
I lost in the past cheers
And deep in the Dark Ages

Sunday, February 3, 2013

RRO- Robotic Regional Olympiad 2013

February 03, 2013 0
Hey, today, I joined in RRO, a very big regional robot competition. And yeaah,, I'm not too luck, I only got the 3rd rank. But! Someone protest the result and because of his "Rock Head" the jury, my robotic teacher (Bro Jimmy) asked me to give my 3rd rank to that mad guy. He was from Frateran. and be educated by a guy who I don't like the face. Gloria's robotic Teacher. yaah, What to do, I give my 3rd rank and actually I still be the 3rd rank because that written in my sertificate. hehehe, so that's no matter :)

Held in Grand City Surabaya, East Java

Vincent never give up to try the robot wow hahaha

Look at my big smile,, this pict taken by Vincent. Thanks for the pict :D

Monday, December 31, 2012

Doraemon Show >< Yuppy Land (:D)

December 31, 2012 0

Today I went to Lenmarc and PTC. Actually, my first destiny was Lenmarc. Why? Because I wanna meet doraemon. But, I didn't find everything there. There was emty! Ouch, how sucks ><

Doraemon Show XDD
Queen of Lenmarc :p
Then I asked my mom to go across, PTC! Yeay, Supermall! And my mom accepted my suggestion.
We walked around there about 3 hours. We went to pet shop, bookstore, bought "Air Mata Kucing", then looked over for some fashion item. My mom bought a pair of heels in Matahari Dept Store, while myself, found kaWanku magazine, a short sleeves shirt, a soft pencil case, a childish bag, and a cute keychain. There we found a person who has an angel's voice, she sung chinese songs beautifully..

Really, what a great day it was =D

This is all I've bought at Pakuwon Town Square (PTC), or usually I call it Supermall :D

This is a cute keychain I've bought XDD

New pencil case in the new year~

Don't look at the doll :p It was a b'day present from my grandma a few year ago..
That bag, which hugged by the doll was the bag I bought at PTC :)


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