Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Retreat acolyte Gembala Yang Baik, Surabaya (Part.2) 21 Juni 2011

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Christina Mulyono-Game "Gembala Yang Baik"
Game "Gerombolan Orang Cacat"
Caroline Sutjiono-Game "Gembala Yang Baik"

Tania-Game "Gembala Yang Baik"
Gerombolan Orang Cacat
Pos 1-Bubur Yeyek
Hasil Bubur Yeyek
Pos 1- Bubur Yeyek
Ember Berkaki
Ember Berkaki
Estafet Tepung
Tiup Tepung

Committee-Pos "Tiup Tepung"_Lita, Ko Patar, Ko Malvin
Ember berkaki
Committee-Ko Bastian
Estafet Tepung

Estafet Tepung
Estafet Tepung

Monday, June 20, 2011

Retreat acolyte Gembala Yang Baik, Surabaya (Part.1) 20 Juni 2011

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Romo Yosef Bukubala
Stephen and Ce Vonna (absensi)
Bus that would take us
The Committee
Romo Lucy and Lia
Before Pray
Romo Wayan
Committee-Ko Patar
Committee-Cherlita (Lita/BCL) :p
Our Photographer ^^ Ce Inne
Committee-Ko Hans
Full Spirit Before Game

Team Work
Committee- Ko Bas, Ko Mario
Team Work- Kelompok Liberti =]
Our lodging


Monday, June 13, 2011

My Beloved Accessories :D

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My Wonderfull Pin

♥ Colorfull Hairpin ♥

Beautiful Hair Band ☻☺

My Collection

My Necklace From My Brother

Cute Purple Bear Necklace :p
My Hairpin Which Make My Hair Be Neat and My Pink Bracelet

Cute Ribbon. I'm Loving It

Many Necklace ♥
Peace.. :D
I arrange my hair band likes a heart.. Nice, right? Ha.. Ha..

I just have 2 Watch, but I love those. The brown one I buy with my "Angpao" from Chinese New Year. And the silver one I got from my grandmother when She went to China

My Bracelet Collection XDD

My Hair Pin

This is about all my accessories. I don't like to wear any accessories to my self before. But my friend make me like to wear those. Hahaha..

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Photoshop Editing

June 04, 2011 0
Hi, guys! Today I'm about to post some of pictures that have edited by me ;)) Considering I am in love with photo editor's world.... TARAAH!! Here they are,

My Favorite Korean Boy Band (From the left : Kim Hyun Joong - SS501, Lee Donghae - Super Junior, and my best one JUNG YUNHO oppa (●♡∀♡) ) ♥

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