Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sharpen Your Creativity with This Adorable Site

July 12, 2011 2
Hi! Have you ever try using Looklet? Wondering about what Looklet is? Looklet is such a site which allow you to do mix and match, make over with some of models available there. It was full-free for used :) Curious about it? Check it out on http://looklet.com . I also post my design too, *sorry for my low fashion tastes :'))*

My Look_New Sporty Look =]

My Look_The Unique One

Photography using Auntie's Camera ( /)u( )

July 12, 2011 2
Today I took a lot of photography with my Aunt's Camera. It was only 5MP without any autofocus tools, how badd, just see these X__X
♥ Ottello ♥
I ♥ U So Much
Pancake =]
Jochiro Eat Pancake
Chippei Photograph
My Beautiful Red Bike :)
My Komputer_Chippei.Photograph
My Pencil Cases =]
But because of this camera, I might be in love with photography world more and more than before (*ノ▽ノ)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Retreat acolyte Gembala Yang Baik, Surabaya (Part.2) 21 Juni 2011

June 21, 2011 0
Christina Mulyono-Game "Gembala Yang Baik"
Game "Gerombolan Orang Cacat"
Caroline Sutjiono-Game "Gembala Yang Baik"

Tania-Game "Gembala Yang Baik"
Gerombolan Orang Cacat
Pos 1-Bubur Yeyek
Hasil Bubur Yeyek
Pos 1- Bubur Yeyek
Ember Berkaki
Ember Berkaki
Estafet Tepung
Tiup Tepung

Committee-Pos "Tiup Tepung"_Lita, Ko Patar, Ko Malvin
Ember berkaki
Committee-Ko Bastian
Estafet Tepung

Estafet Tepung
Estafet Tepung

Monday, June 20, 2011

Retreat acolyte Gembala Yang Baik, Surabaya (Part.1) 20 Juni 2011

June 20, 2011 0

Romo Yosef Bukubala
Stephen and Ce Vonna (absensi)
Bus that would take us
The Committee
Romo Lucy and Lia
Before Pray
Romo Wayan
Committee-Ko Patar
Committee-Cherlita (Lita/BCL) :p
Our Photographer ^^ Ce Inne
Committee-Ko Hans
Full Spirit Before Game

Team Work
Committee- Ko Bas, Ko Mario
Team Work- Kelompok Liberti =]
Our lodging



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