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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Bloom

February 13, 2014 0
I always stand here
Wait for the right time for me to ask for future
Love bloom,
Hurt passed

The time I walk in the corridor,
My eyes stuck on the shade of a creature
The most gorgeous star that I ever seen with my own
The most shining jewel that I can't reach unto
So I lifted my hands,
Try to catch my dream
Then that white fog appears
I stopped there

A few century has passed
This is the time for me to open my eyes
The past has changed into the modern life
None paper just a new sheet of love
Then I found a box consist of so many memories in the last century
I took those inside one by one
Then I stopped with an ancient book
I opened it as if I'm in my dream
Opened a sheet by sheet until I found a picture
That creature on the last page,
Seen like something I ever known
My heart started beating again after it didn't for a long while
When my hands gonna close that book,
Another hands appear in front of me
That warmth good looking face go through my eyes
That guy kissed me gently
That is..
The guy that I've dreamt for a long time ago
Now he came here and stood in front of me
He's realy here
He's real, not only a fake figure
He smiled to me
As if there were a longing that hidden for a long long while
That lips started to open its,
"I Love You, My Princess..", he said
I confuse and wondering about how and why it goes,
He keep smiling and said another words..
"Hey, girl! I love you and will always love you for my every breathe and for my every life in this whole world. I'm a prince who grown from your deepest sincerely heart, and now I came for you.. With a thousand love that I've kept for you, for more than a thousand century ago, for later, and forever after more.."

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Can't I love you?

January 30, 2014 0
Loving you,
As fallen into the deepest sea of love
The time you flip your hair,
Caught my heart
Baby I love you
Very deeply in love
But you don't even realise this feeling
I won't tell you what a be
Because our distance which nobody can heal
You such the biggest star that I even can not be
Such a big island between the sea
How many times I try,
It wouldn't matter
Because you still be the greatest
Like a blooming gorgeous flower between butterflies
I just a fly that you even don't wanna see
But I know this love for real,
Only need a bravely heart without any fear
So just stand by me and heard my lonely heart..
Baby can't I love you?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wide Smile

January 16, 2014 0

That smile which caught my eyes
So widely as wide as an ocean
As fast as my heartbeat
This might be my first time
A cute guy who look deeply into my eyes deeply..
It was warm
That I've never felt
You're my cute guy
My sincerely love
My first thumped
My first story..

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is this a Destiny?

January 09, 2014 0
Is this a destiny?
Or just I who assume it like this
Not more than a minute I told my self to let you go..
But while my heart has not stopped saying,
This fate come
Such a beautiful news,
I'm glad with it
Such giving me another reasons to stay in here
Thus for the next , the next day, and the long next time later..
I will always still write my own story..
About you, me, and also about our sweet bitter memories behind :D

Monday, January 6, 2014

World wiithout Death

January 06, 2014 0

If only we lived in a world without death,
Surely there will be no sadness and tears
But with the presence of death,
We are trained to better appreciate those who we can still touch and we can take a look ..

Friday, January 3, 2014

True Love Story

January 03, 2014 0
I just watched a movie called by ‘Letters to Juliet’. The story touched me. Either Claire’s story that can drop my tears down. Sophie, right start from this time she will be my inspiration. Reminds me if our true love will never late. Although I haven’t found my true love until now, but I still have time for more than 366 days and even more than a thousand years. Who knows where, when, who, and whatever the ending is from my love story. Thus from that movie I believe, all girls have their own destiny. Their steps will bring them to somewhere which will never be wrong or nothing. The right place, and there will be only two memories which can be graven in. Meetings that provide lessons, and meetings that provide happiness. That’s life. Although so many times we have been hurt, so many times we have tried, so many times we have failed, so many times others.. True Love will certainly come at the right time. With love, Pisces J

This is the trailer from the movie, 'Letters to Juliet'. I hope so this movie can also change your whole world and make you realise about your true love :D

My Childhood Stories

January 03, 2014 0
Right now I'm stuck in here
Learn how to sketch my feelings
Warm, lonely, lovely..
Childhood memorable flashback
Such a beautiful story
A good looking prince,
Who I wish will be my braid one day

I'm too plain that time
I'm only fifth while I was feeling this way
Run over here, over there, such a happy child (yes I'm a child, 'that time')
I saw you there were standing beside her
Playing a fake family game
You became my father, 
And she became my mother
I don't know what did I feel
But just right now I realise if I felt jealous that time
So that's why I was running away
Hide my self under that small table
Wishing no one will realise it
But you come over, close to me innocently
I put my hands up so that you will not see my face
But at the last when I lifted my face, 
I see you still there wait for me
Smile, that I defined it as a hope
My first little dream while I was child
That's to be your braid
Walk beside you in a white dress, a wedding dress
And you will be my groom,
Use Korean glasses and see me like your couple
I love you, my childhood memories
That I ever wishing,
For my dream come true, someday..

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Your Biggest Mistake

December 11, 2013 0
How can I answer it,
If actually the only reason for me is you
If you just want to know,
I'm really not in a good mood
I'm feeling so bad, and as you know
I'm hurt that time while I caught by them
And all the reasons behind all of that event..
Is again because of you..
When you read this, 
Actually you should think if I'll drop my tears again
But for this time,
I choose to handle it
No more tears, I'm alright
That's because of you again,
So I'm fighting :)
Therefore don't ever think to be regret of all your fault
Because you had your biggest mistake that you will surely can't overcome it
That is because you have made me fallen in love so deeply only with you..

Monday, December 9, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Beautiful Nightmare

December 07, 2013 0
Such a beautiful nightmare
Got hug by you
The warmth of you, catched my soul
That strong grip, is circular in my back..
I wanna shout up the word of love,
My big love for you, dear my heart
Once I fallen deeply into yours,
My love getting stronger
To have your smile..
Is a miracle for me
Something that can rotate my day
But all of that..
Were only happened in my dream..

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prince of My Fairy Tale Dream

November 13, 2013 0

Never look back, just walk through
Because our past just a story
And our future is waiting for us,
To be passed

Go forward, walk along
When I look up deeply into your eyes
And the time you see my smile placed gently
Because of you..

Live such a little kid
Wishing for a nice fairy tale
The time I sleeping in beauty
Waiting for you to come and kiss me

I believe in my untrue wishes
My dream will come true someday
No need to wait for the christmas
Because you my prince has come true
I see you from here, come closer
Step by step, being so important
Those hands lifted,
Gripped my shoulder..
Then your smile
Really close to my lips,
Kiss my soul
Under the wet cloud
Behind this colorful rainbow..

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


October 16, 2013 0
Today is the first day of summer,
While the last summer I just realise my feeling
I don't know what should I do
It just like a flowing water
Wind blowing through my soul
Passed the deepest of my life story
Yes, it just a story
Fairytale that I've written for a long time ago
And it be real
In this life
Fill in my whole day
And painted a wonderful rainbow above my darkness love sounds..

Thursday, August 29, 2013


August 29, 2013 0
Such like a planet I always there,
Walk around you
Because your gravitational pull my self closer
You are,
A big star that I ever found
That cute warm smile,
Burn out my sight
And suddenly..
My Heart catched into your hug..

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Everyone were same, only they who wanna try will success

August 27, 2013 0
I always do everything by myself before
Act like this world is only mine
Actually I know,
I just an ordinary human
The same with others
But I always think that I have something more than others
Thus right now I learn something,

"Nobody's perfect. Every human born to this world, learn to walk, learn to speak, everyone were same."
But from that statement, 
One thing that makes them different..
"Everyone who always try to make their life more, different with others. Change their way, find the right destiny.. SUCCESS"

Sunday, August 25, 2013


August 25, 2013 0

Hearing your voice makes my heart trembling..

Feeling your come among the blowing wind makes my sweat drop..

Seeing your name appear in my screen, makes my eyes dislodged, DAMN! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


August 17, 2013 0
If only you are there that time,
I can bet that you will be the one who ask me home together,
May be just give me your jacket..
Or try every way to keep me safe from the bad weather

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


June 05, 2013 0
Please respect me..

When I'm sad, 
Please come to me..

When I'm falling down,
Please give me your hand and pull me up..

When I'm hurt,
Please try to make me smile again..

When I'm crying,
Please cheer me up..

And when I can't wake from my fragility,
Please still be with me..

Don't ever try to leave me,
Because I will never let you alone forever
I will always there in your tears,
And be the one, the only one who will wipe it away
I'll do it sincerely
Without any reason to ask for the replies

I just wanna be accepted
In everywhere I am
Classes, in a forum, and the any other organisation
I know I'm not good looking
I'm fat and messy
May be you feel that I'm useless..
But actually,
I have a big responsibility that are not owned by people with high status

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Word Called by LOVE

May 29, 2013 0
There is one word that hard for everyone for describe
Like a flowing water it comes
Then planted in human's heart
Growing as a very gorgeous flower
With this thing,
Every girl who gets become cuter
And every boy become more dashing
They try to hold on each other
Until someday they will walk through together into the wedding altar
This thing is very important for everyone to have
Not only for their loved one..
But also for everyone in this this life
The most important thing in this world..
And that thing,
Called by, LOVE

Friday, April 5, 2013

Lord Please Gives Me..

April 05, 2013 0

Lord gives me strength,
Jesus Christ please pray for me,
Let me pass the thing that should I do
I just an ordinary person
Tears and emotion always appear from my body
I just Your creature.
I'm not perfect
So please,
Teach me how to be as wise as You are,
How to keep in my hope when I still haven't reach it
Let me pass the way I should walk away..
Walk and walk, run and run, until someday I can reach the ends
To find my dream, my destiny..
Which can give me a thousand happiness, 
For now, and forever always..

Friday, March 29, 2013

Lord's Way

March 29, 2013 0
Maybe this is not my chance
Or maybe Lord haven't decided
I should be patient,
This is not my way, this Lord's way
He who has the roll of my destiny in this world
Maybe this is the best,
He has thought well and has prepared my way
It will be nice in the right time
So now, 
I'll here and be patient,
Until He gives me my treasure box
A box which consist of my ages, life, love, and destiny
That should be nice
The best,
Because Lord who has chosen for me :)


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