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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Swan

March 20, 2013 0
There will be time for the sun to shine,
There will be time for the flowers to grow as they are,
And there will be time for this ugly duckling to change become a very beautiful swan that you will not even guess that

She may be ugly now,
But surely she will turn into a very beautiful figure apparently
Not excessively, but also no shortage, simple ..

Really bad apparently,
But you have to listen, it will turn up and you'll be amazed
For what she do that?
For someone who she fallen with
She wants to show that it was best for her dream
Realizing that there was nothing else she wanted in addition to the dream
Therefore, she went to cross the seven seas and eleven oceans to reach her dream..
You might insulted it,
But she is sure, no one was not to be done in this world
She might not look now,
But the day will come where she will shine, beat your evening moonlight
She will make you stunned
And she would be back with a figure of prince to accompany
A figure that she wanted all her life
The figure that made her change
Changed be like a true girl, who is in love ..

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rotten Flower

February 07, 2013 0

I do not know
All it hurts
The flower does not look bright again
Withered ..
I looked at a series of clouds above me
everything is dark
Whisper pigeons were no longer beautiful in my ear,
Precisely made ​​me deaf
I'm blind
because love
I lost in the past cheers
And deep in the Dark Ages

Monday, October 22, 2012

Liar Friend

October 22, 2012 0
You are not my true friend
You said well but you stabbed me behind
Your sweet lips, symbolize many bitterness inside

You're liar
You're a fox inside a sheep leather
You're damn! All your words bullshit!

You act as if you are a candy front me
But actually you are a poisonous kickshaw
You make everybody melted, and kill them slowly..

Hey traitor!
Take it, take it if that thing that your want
I don't need it, I don't want it
Just slow down,
I'll still here, smiling here and still stay cool
Because if I serve you,
That mean if I've lost
So, I'll keep my emotion calm
So that you'll be confuse and still try to share a bad news, bad gossips about me
Until someday everyone knows that you were the prickly problem, and they won't believe you at all

Monday, September 3, 2012

Who You Are

September 03, 2012 0
You are my sunshine. Guide me in my dark way, Light my deep life. Your gravitation pulled myself. Until I fallen down in your love crater
You are my sunshine. My important thing. Until the end of this world, please always there for me. Guard me from my tears, cheer me up when I was down.
Sunshine, Please be with me for a day longer :)


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bad Memories Back Behold a Shadow

March 29, 2012 0

Behold a shadow
Ran over to me
I was scared and jump as fast as lightning
The wind is howling like a dog crying
Rain and storm was I ignored
All I know is gone, away from the shadow

Jet black
Such as octopus ink
I wondered
What is my fault,
What duty,
Why are you trying to return peace in my life that have this?

My days have been quiet
Cool a sea of peace
No more wild cry of the lost
No more blind jealousy
Only one reason
Because he has been with me, remove the griefs are left behind coz of you

Now that we have happy
You come again to take her happiness
Cause jealousy between me and him
Actually, what's wrong? What is wrong? Why do not you allow us both happy?
You are the devil
Therefore, you fell into a hole that is the hottest rage pit of my heart!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sometimes.. ♥ =)

March 24, 2012 0
Sometimes I think,
Why should I give up
When the dream in sight
Like a month on top of hand

Sometimes I ask,
Why should I be loving
When Love is endless
Like a poisonus snake wrapped around my heart

Sometimes I say,
Why did I have to say
When the words that really don't want me to said
Pierced through my heart like a knife

Indeed live like a crossword puzzle
Sometimes there are times when answered correctly
And we too often guessing wrong
Sometimes people say,
"The depth of the sea can be measured
Inside the heart, who knows .. "
That's what made ​​me still being strength until now
Faced with a complicated romance
No word replies,
There is no word like
No word of L.O.V.E
None of the replies saying her feelings out of his mouth
And of course it kept asking and asking

Acting makes me happy
Each at the close I felt the warmth
I think he was as bright as the sun,
He wasn't as smart as Einstein,
He's also not as handsome as Choi Seung Hyun,
But his smile,
Like poison in my blood
Destructive way my mind
Tie me up like a drug

Although there is now no unrequited
I'm sure he must have sensed
Vibration is really great
Every time I see him walking towards me
He must have felt,
Tormented this heart to love him
To keep this feeling
Through this poem I wrote
All the contents of my heart
The situation with my daily
Life is like a shadow painting layer cake
Sometimes beautiful, sometimes bad
But the ugliness in my day always gone
Every time I see you smiling at me
Yor happiness smile that always warms my inner
Seep into my heart ..  

Friday, March 23, 2012

Soul Flower =D

March 23, 2012 0

You are like a rainbow in my life
Always decorate my day,
Painted throughout my blood stream,
And colouring my darkness..

You like jasmine in the middle of bees
The nectar which banish hunger
White spotless petals
And of course difficult to be get

You are like a deadly virus
Once you closer, no one can avoid
Once you're smiling, no one around you that can survive
And I was so lame because of it

You are E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G to me
Rainbow, Jasmine, or Virus,
You're my oxygen,
My heart beat,
The eyes of my heart..
You make me happy to be able to breathe
You made ​​me understand the meaning of my arrival into the world
And thou, the only person who can make me,
See only the beauty of this world
Because you,
My soul flower ..

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rainbow Hope of Love

November 14, 2011 0
I always wanna be with you..

Laugh louder in your hug,
On the warm way to swim in your love ocean
Vacationing in the sweetness of your smile
Each my time always I empty just for answer your stupid question

Your shoulder is always there to prop up my tears
Over the rainbow my hope is placed
Ubiquitous your soul floating in my mind forever  =]

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

♥ Rainy Days ♥

November 08, 2011 0

I still can see dancing butterflies before,
I still can hear the song of those birds a month ago,
I still can smell rainbow blooming flowers 1 day ago..

But now it's all gone
No butterflies, no flowers
And no song I heard again in my ears
There all left a thousand tears
Which happen from life rings

Right now, rain was flowing fastly,
Snow has replaced by rainy
The rainy water has erased all the pain feelings in my heart
A big hurt of loving you sincerely

Thursday, September 29, 2011

♥ The Leo and The Sun ♥

September 29, 2011 0

That thing..
Something important in this world,
Something gorgeous,
Something different and special..

No one wanna have it
But not also with Leo
It always try to chase it
Altough it can't shine like the Sun

Everyday the Sun always stands above the Leo
Makes our body warm
Brighten our road
But no ones care with the Sun

Until one day the Leo stand and say,
"I always love you with all my heart, altough the clouds will separate us.."
Because the distance of them was so far,
Whatever Leo said, the Sun can't listen it

The same with our heart
Just alike Leo which always here waiting for you
I always ask how did your feeling when you close to me
Altough I know that was so futile..

Now I still sit on here,
Under your shine with a thousand hope
Wish you will come close to me
And be mine forever always

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You're My First and My Last Love

September 21, 2011 2
(You're The One, The First and The Last in My Life)

I just an accustomed human
I have heart,
I have feeling to loving and liked something..
I haven't like someone before,
But you ask and always ask me to loved someone..

Long time to me to find someone
And finally I already find him.
He's not the handsome one
He's not the perfect one..
He has some excess and shortage
He's funny and always can make me forget my sadness
He always smile to me
And I reply it with a sweet spoiled smile
His eyes shine some loves poetry
That's make me shy like a cat

So, do you know who is he?
He's you..
You, the people who always ask me about my feel
Right now I answer it..
You're my love
And I hope we never separate
Althought with bomb or with big wave

Do you know how long to me to find this feel?
Do you know how difficult to aware this feeling
And do you know, how difficult to forgetting my feel to you
I promise I won't leave you
I'll always be in your side
I hope my wish will come true
Because I very liked you and never wanna lost you
You're my first and my last love..
F.O.R.E.V.E.R    A.L.W.A.Y.S 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What the.. Damn! I've Fallen in Love With You!

September 10, 2011 0

Why does you be cold with me?
How does you be like that to me?
Am I do something wrong in your eyes?
To someone who I love?

That like a poison in my thought
He is the one I pray for
Ever I thought to forgot you but I can't

Freak me 'cause I love you
U like an important diamond which very rare
Crashed my heart your bad words looked, but..
Knowing you is the best miracle from God for me..


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