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Sunday, February 24, 2019

DeliciMoo Ice Cream : Makanan di RKZ (Snack/Dessert)

February 24, 2019 1
Another post is still from around RKZ(Rumah Sakit Katolik St. Vincentius a Paulo) Surabaya because Granny is still at the hospital. I spent almost half of my day there. And now I'll share about the other gem I found out there few days ago, Delicimoo Ice Cream. I found 'em in the RKZ canteen.

DeliciMoo Ice Cream

No doubt, my choice was still matcha. I also try the DeliciMoo Ice Cream Chocolate & Durian variant. But still, I love the matcha one. Better than the other two. The DeliciMoo Ice Cream Matcha tasted a bit light but I still can find the matcha powder flavor on it.

DeliciMoo Ice Cream Matcha
DeliciMoo Ice Cream Matcha Flavor

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