Sunday, July 10, 2022


Hey! Thanks for still being here, reading my blog through night and dawn hahah
Today I'm not going to share any food review but here I'll share a very interesting holiday spot that you might like. Jendela Langit! I just uploaded a new video on my Youtube Channel you can check it down here :

As you can see on the thumbnail, yesss the view is soo beautiful yet the road so painful *eh*
I suggest you all to go up using their vehicle services such as jeep. They also provide the two-wheeled ojek so that you will not feel the temptation I felt on the road HAHA! My Boyfriend and I were going up using his motorcycle which actually not an underbone motorcycle(?) -I dunno how to call it-. I cried a little when we were lost in the middle of our road especially because the motor skidded and I somehow thought because I was too fat LOL !!
At the end I was sooo happy to be there.
The entrance ticket was also cheap but the road..... *sigh*
So here I will share some album when We were there. Enjoy!

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