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December 28, 2020 1
Counting days to the Holiday Season but still better to be at Home than to go outside because of the pandemic. Here I'll share my trip the last holiday at Flora Wisata San Terra. Hope this post can help you to go on a virtual holiday during this 'quarantine' ok?

The last holiday I went to Batu - Malang with My Mom, My Boyfriend, and his Mother. We have such a great day there. We were there for 3 days and 2 nights. Actually this trip began because I have a business at Pasuruan on the first day of our trip. After I finished my business at Pasuruan, we directly go to Batu and stopped by the hotel first to drop our luggages before finally we up into Pujon, where Flora Wisata San Terra De Laponte is located. Here I attached my latest YT update about my trip to Flora Wisata San Terra De Laponte, Batu - Malang. Hope you enjoy!

YT Video ↓↓

YT Video ↑↑↑

For the entrance atmosphere you can see on my video there were a lot of plants! I was so excited right after I saw all of the plants at the entrance gate. There were a lot of between colorful and a multi color of green plants inside the -like a cage- building.

Cafetaria/Food Court

The next pictures will show you a canteen or restaurant inside Flora Wisata San Terra but mostly of them were closed during pandemic. Just an advice from me, it will be better if you eat at home before going to any tourist attraction to avoid virus transmission through the table, utensils, and so on.

The Cafetaria was soo beautifully in white theme. So sad we were going there in a wrong time :(

Kampoeng Korea

My Boo's Mother and My Mom ❤️

Above is My Boo's Mother and My Mom at Kampung Korea inside Flora Wisata San Terra. As I said before that I had a business in Pasuruan, there I met my workmate. The first day I met him after this holiday-business trip, he said that my face was similiar with My Boo's Mother rather than My Mom lol ðŸ˜‚🤣 It might because My Mom is sooo tiny and shorter than me hahaha!! My Granny too. I grew up more likely my Grandpa🧓👴, He was so tall ðŸ™„🙄

The photo I uploaded on my Instagram at the last Mothers Day ❤️

I love to be in San Terra because there were lots of beautiful flowers! I laf flowersssss OMG ðŸ¤©ðŸŒ¹ðŸŒ¼ 

Just like taking a Pre-Wedding photoshoot #OOPS!

Both Moms and Boo were teasing me so I put up that weird face ahaha 

Just realise when writting this..... This photo just like a Mafia Chinese Movie rather than Korean Drama ðŸ¤£ðŸ˜ OMG Boo..

A lot of pictures with Boo, now a cute pict with Mommy~

Top Attraction - Windmill
Look at the sky! I changed my thoughts. I think we came there at the right time at the right moment!

Me, with Moms~


Hobbit Garden (?)

Pricelist Information (I went there October 2020)
Weekday : Adult(IDR 20k), Children(IDR 15k)
Weekend & Holiday Season : Adult(IDR 25k), Children(IDR 20k)

We are at the end of the post! Thank you for reading 'till the end. Hope 2021 will bring us a better life~
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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