Wednesday, February 10, 2016


We live in the world that is different
I mean, with the different lifestyle
Some of us get the highest life
While some others get the worst one
We came to the world without any right to choose our destiny
Become the son of a sailor, a butcher, or a manager
We're here, we are chosen
To make our own path to full fill our destiny
Either it would be a nice story, or be a nightmare
We also can't choose our parents, our friends, or our soul mate
Everything in our life, has decided
We can't change the goal, but we can change the way and get the better result
Sometimes people deny our dream
Some of them said we can't do anythin
But for me, 
They're the most important person of my process
We call them "haters"
Without them, I should be too lazy to reach my goal or being in such beautiful daydreaming
But because they came and doubt my thoughts,
I think twice and almost reach my goal
It has been 75%
And I should fill the rest 25%.
A partner, is somebody that important in our process also
Somebody that always can be in our side when we need their advice
We can't find that parner only in one figure
We need a lot kind of partners
Parents, Friends, Lover, or others
But not everything we should tell them, because we haven't known yet who is the right one
Sometimes our parents doubt us,
Sometimes other our lover doubt us,
Sometimes other our friends be the one who stab us from the back,
And sometimes other the others told the sweet things but make us failed.
We're live in this world alone
Only they who lucky enough who get the right person in their life
Maybe as a friend, parents, or others
If we think about it, we won't find the conclusion immediately
So the important thing that I want to share with you today,
Just believe in yourself, believe in God.
These two things mean a lot in our process into our goal.
Parents are just people who have experienced
Friends are just people who we have met
A lover is just somebody that we trust our heart in
But our God is the biggest thing in this world, that without Him we can't reach happiness.

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