Friday, February 19, 2016

Chocolate Marshmallow and New Video Post on My Youtube Channel

Hi! How great your day today? It's freeday *ups* I mean friday haha. I got a lot of trouble lately. Those trouble enough to make me become err.. much like a zombie at home. I ate some smaller portion than usual and spent some more day with sleeping or daydreaming. Okay, forget it. Back to topic. Yesterday night my boy told me if he want to go to my house. It was about 10pm in the evening. I was so happy, run and grabbed a package of marshmallow, a box of dark chocolate, and one pack of topping. I read how to make it from the comic "Hai Miiko!". It looks so pretty and made me wanna try to make some too. Then I cooked it that (almost) midnight and left it for a night then put those sweeties in a cute box with some ornaments to make them become more special. This evening he came to my house and I give him the Marshmallow Chocolate. He said, "Actually I don't like chocolate.." *WHATT!! I'm surprised* but he continued saying, "But It's okay". And can you imagine, he end up finishing those box of sweets all together today! I know right after he said if he wanna go to dentist *lol* is it because of my chocolate? hahaha, he is fun! :*
Here are some pictures about the chocolate. Today I'm not going to make a review but at least I post another post about food in here. Wish you like it. Happy (late) Valentine's Day, fellas!

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By the way, I also made new post on my youtube channel : chippeido. Here is the new video, don't forget to watch it!

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  1. Omgg marshmallow is like one of my favvvvv sweets!!! <3 Anyway I really like how you took the pictures and videos. Pwitii

    1. Hi again, Febby! Thank you for visiting mine :*
      Yayy, me too!! I love it, but my boyfie seems like not a fan of it :((
      Thank you, thankss you're so kind. I love your blog too Febby ^^



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