Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sinom Mbok Dhe and Blue-Roof Cart Siomay (REVIEW)

Some people often judge every jobs as easy as they find out how much they get as the salary. There are no such jobs which you can do as easy as you think. Do you see he/she with a lot of money in their hand? And you started to do as they did with a bet in your mind that you would get at least the same like they get. Have you ever think of 'what you have given to your boss in return?'. Were you doing your job well? Were you treat your poor neighbor well too? Think it by your self. I won't answer it here. And just for info that I'm not a psychologist, I just an ordinary human the same like you :) Just want you to know, there's nothing easy in this world. Just the way you do, decide how you will feel and what you will get.
Lately, I often meet people who asked me for jobs but firstly they asked about how much the salary that I got from some part time jobs that I'm in. I didn't tell them about how much salary I got. One of the reason is because I respect my boss. My answer didn't stop them to ask more and more. They started to ask about the requirement needed. I told them some that it (should) be and said that I can't help further because I was not applying but I was asked before. How pitiful, after they know some of requirement needed, most of them said 'Ah, It's so complicated. I won't join it.' and their story ended there. Some of you might know about my many part time jobs. Online shop, coach, teaching, writer, designer, and so on. Some might think that I did them all because I looking for some money. Actually not like that! I'm doing those jobs, because I love doing them all. I'm an active person so I MUST do a lot of things in a day or I would sick! :(
Okay, forget all stories I talked about above. It was just a little part of my thought that I would like to share to you :). Back to the topic, today I would like to share you about my day (the day before yesterday, #lol). I accompanied my mum to a lot of places yesterday and ended at Bilka Supermarket to check mum's cookies that she entrusted there. After that, she knew that I was a bit thirsty so she offer me a drink. Because I often drink Sinom Mbok Dhe, so I asked her to buy me one. Also when we're out from that building, we found Siomay and Batagor cart outside. It was my favorite snack! I ever buy it two portion and didn't get any meals beside it hahaha. So I also bought one portion of siomay from that blue-roof cart. hahaha





Sinom Mbok Dhe
Jalan Ngagel Jaya Selatan No.103 (BILKA SUPERMARKET), Gubeng, Jawa Timur 60283
(031) 5028988
07:00AM - 10:00PM

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  1. I love sinom and batagor! :D
    Btw, kamu orang Surabaya juga? Salam kenal yah.. ^^

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