Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mr. Cakwe (REVIEW) *Included an Extra Story : Toy Hobbies Fair 2015*

Another 'Sin-Days' again today. In this rainy day, I went to PTC *again* to attend Toys Hobbies 2015. I took some pictures there with my mom's smartphone. I was a little bit disappointed when I know if the booths there was not as I expected. So, to treat my disappointment that has come all the way here, I decided to look for some 'foods booster' and.. considering I now have a blog which is waiting to be filled. Haha!
After a few hours looking for my target.. my choice fell to a food booth which located strategically enough among a lot of other food booths. This food booth had a lot kind of foods that absolutely can treat your starving belly well!! *Here I'll only review about what I've tasted, Mr. Cakwe. Not the other kind of food they have like crepes and so on*


I ordered one Flavour Cakwe with Sauce (9k) consist of BBQ flavour and two kind of sausages, they are Hot Mayo Sausage and Teriyaki Sausage. Meanwhile, I also treat my mom *because she has led me here* with one portion of Cakwe with Sauce (9k) which was consist with also two kind of sausages, they are Mayonnaise and Sweet Sour Sausage. I was not only trying my own, but also trying to taste my mom's 'Cakwe' and both of them taste AWESOME! The sausage melted in my mouth while the Cakwe tasted a bit crispy, so DELICIOUS! All snack in this booth have a cheap price (about 9k - 14k), and great taste. You must try it!! *Actually this is not my first time trying Mr. Cakwe in this booth, because I ever tried it about three times here before*.



Look, how do they both look! Very pretty amazing gold! You must try some. Don't forget to try the hot mayonnaise one as the sausage. It's hot enough but wouldn't burn your tongue at all.
*Psst!! After finishing one portion of this kind of food, my mom said if it was a scrumptious snack ever! Then she promised me to take me back there immediately! lol*



Sorry I took some blurring pictures, but I've tried my best :')) Just for sharing, this is my first time I asked the owner of the food booth in a place to review their booth on my blog. Because I'm just a new member of food blogger. Wish someday I can write good review like what the expert one did. :D

Mr. Cakwe
Surabaya, East Java
Price Range : 9k - 14k
10:00AM - 10:00PM

Just for extra story, I will post my photos taken at the Toys Hobbies fairs *started laughing hurriedly! lololololololl*

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  1. It look delicious *^* I didn't know Cakwe!!
    And your pictures are great ^^

    I'm a new reader here.
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    You can visit my blog here:

    1. Hi, Mimie! Thank you for comment and for the compliment also (I'm new in food blogger hehe) :D
      Cakwe is Chinese food made of flour, shaped like a stick. Just like Churro. (* >ω<)
      Hey, I can't find follow button on your blog. I've left comment on yours, check it, would you? :))



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