Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day (Universal), Bread Making

Hi! Today I'm about to post about what my mum made a few days ago (I've uploaded the picture on my Instagram). At the past, all the old generation of human only ate raw wheat. Then they smashed them and give some water on it in order to make them become soft. They keep eating soft-raw wheat until there come an age when they finally know how to burn food. They burn that soft-raw wheat and the process to cultivate a wheat, continuously developed until now. Here I have a little bit pictures about some very cute bread that my mum made few days ago.



As a bonus, considering today was an 'Universal Mother's Day' so I'll give extra picture taken by me. It's a paper clay project (I become crazy a lot with this kinda thing *Paper Clay Art* OMG). It's shaped like a rose but it's okay if you can't got the shape because it doesn't look like a rose either haha


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