Samsung PL120 Review - My Favorite Selfie Camera!

Hi, guys! Today I would like to write a short review about my lovely camera. All this time I often use this violet-chic camera, Samsung PL120. I know it just an ordinary camera, not SLR indeed but I love it so damn much! Why? Here I'll share some of photos taken by me which will support my review :))

Here is the back side of the box. *sorry if it has been a little bit dirty because I bought it when I was in Junior High School. Means, about 5 years ago. Hahaha (。・//ε//・。)*

The picture above is about the spesification of Samsung PL120.

^ The front side of its box *Look! It has a FRONT SCREEN!! My favorite! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*

Another explanation about its specification

My lovely-dovey CAMERA!! O(≧▽≦)O


The best characteristic of this Samsung camera is.. It has a front screen that can help us to take the best selfies! Here I'll share my opinions about this gadget,
(+) Advantages :
It has a front screen to help us taking selfie well
It has cool feature like effect and frame
(-) Disadvantages :
Only few frames added on (can't add more from web or other sites)
So, the conclusion is : Samsung PL120 has lot of benefits for you who love selfies, and creative because it has so many cool features which make you can't stop taking pictures or selfies!