Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My New Lovely - Dovey Fur Baby

Hi again, guys! Today I'm about to post about my little lovely-dovey new puppy, Momo. So about two weeks ago, I adopted this cute little dachshund given from my high school friend, Helen. I was so excited when this lovely came because it has been a long time for me, left by my old dachshund to the dog's Rainbow Bride. You should wondering about what is 'Rainbow Bride' like what did I do the first time I heard those words. Rainbow Bride is such like a heaven for our little fur baby *I know it from Instagram haha*. Back to the topic, I adopted Momo when she was 1 month less 1 day. She was born on the 6th of March *close to my birthday (ノ≧∀≦)ノ* hahaha. She is one of eight siblings. But three of them died few days after they born. The two of her siblings have adopted by others few days before she adopted by me. The day she came to her new life with my family and I, she seemed so quiet. But actually........ She's so cheerful! She loves eating 'Human's Crackers' as well. When I or my family members were eating crackers, she always run away to us and showed her adorable sight. So cute!

Momo is playing with her new toy. She looks very like her new toys :D

See? She is so cute! She likes to collect leaves and other unique things she met when we were walking in dawn or sunset haha

Momo : "These are mine!" hahaha

Yesterday I went to 'Miko Pet Shop'. There I bought Momo's new shampoo to make her fur more skinny, more glooming, and smooth. I also bought her new harness (kind like a rope to bring dog out to walk). And when I about to purchase all those things, I found a lot of cute toys for pet. Actually I want to buy her a bigger ball which made from a kind of fiber (?), but finally I brought home those two little balls at the pictures above (because my mom said if Momo would like them, and actually she likes them a lot!). I spent about nearly to 

She was wondering about what kind of things they were hahaha

Here is the shampoo that I bought yesterday. The owner of Miko Pet Shop with courteously recommend this shampoo to heal my Momo's illness. She's got burned after my mom bathed her with HUMAN SHAMPOO! (85k)

Momo's new harness! It cost only 20k.

These things will later be my Momo's favorite toys! Only 5k.

If you're looking for your little fur-baby new daily needs such like feed, toys, and so on, Miko Pet Shop would be a nice place for you to come over because not only it has a lot of your little fur-baby daily needs (very complete), the owner is very friendly and so kind. She can help you find out your needs.

Miko Pet Shop
Jalan Rungkut Asri Utara 6 No.23
Surabaya, Jawa Timur
(031) 8708471

Thank you for reading! Leave comment below so I know what do you think about this post / this place :)

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