Saturday, December 27, 2014

HOLIDAY SEASONS PART III (Jember, day - Two & Three)

Holla everybody, in this post I'll tell you the story of my last two days holiday in my Grandma's brother's house *lol*. In 26th of December, I was going to Papuma beach which is one of many popular beaches in my country. There were so many beautiful scenery that I even can't capture it by my camera but it still beautifully engraved in my thought forever *tsah*

*ignore my hairstyle. I got bad hair day that day, so unlucky :' *

With my beloved mom <33

My Auntie and My Uncle. I called them Mami and Papi. My little brother (I mean my cousin)'s parents.

Drawing "Hangeul". Guess what did I wrote? :b

My another uncle's mom. I called her "Bobo".

He's my second younger cousin, Deo.

And this is my favorite, My Beloved LITTLE BROTHER (actually he's my cousin but such like twins, because we grew together and live nearby)

Beautiful scenery of Papuma Beach!

This guy who I called by "Kukong", my Grandma's little brother.

And these are some pictures taken in the last day we're at my Kukong's House :'D

See? How close I am to my little brother who called, Jason. *but I eventually call him "Tochii"*

Here it was, the end of the another part in this Holiday Seasons! See ya~

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