Monday, December 22, 2014

HOLIDAY SEASONS PART 1 (Sun City, Sidoarjo)

As the biggest fan of DORAEMON, today I was going to Sun City Sidoarjo, watching this legend movie known as 'STAND BY ME DORAEMON'. Doraemon is one of my favorite cartoon when I was child (actually until I'm in Junior High School (*≧▽≦)ノシ))). Here I'll included a little bit about this Movie,

Released : August 8, 2014 (Official)
Directors : takashi Yamazaki, Ryuichi Yagi
Running time : 95 minutes
Story by : Fujiko F. Fujio
Summary :
'In the suburbs of Tokyo some time ago, there lived a clumsy boy about 10 years old. There appeared in front of him named Sewashi, Nobita's descendant of four generations later from the 22nd century, and Doraemon, a 22nd century cat-type caretaker robot who helps people with its secret gadgets. Sewashi claims that his family is suffering from the debts Nobita made even to his generation, so in order to change this disastrous future, he brought along Doraemon as Nobita's caretaker to bring happiness to his future, although Doraemon is not happy about this. And so Sewashi installed an accomplishment program into Doraemon forcing him to take care of Nobita. Unless he makes Nobita happy, Doraemon can no longer go back to the 22nd century. This is how the life of Doraemon and Nobita begins. Will Doraemon succeed this mission and return to the 22nd century?'
Sources : information by Google ,  Summary by IMDb

Review :
Plus (+)

  • The Graphic quite perfect. It has so many plaful colors!
  • Good and recommended family movie.

Minus (-)

  • Well, the first thing when I watched it was.. HELLOOO, I've ever read it in Comic Version before, so I'm not too touched with the movie plot.

------Narcissism Area! “ψ(`∇´)ψ ------

Hohoho, It's closer to Christmas day!! *Count Down!!!* In this sunny day, I was going to Sun City, Sidoarjo. In the middle of the vacation, as usual.... I'll surely take photos such selfies and everything around me. Look! The picture below I took in my uncle's car which is made me thinking of some jokes. I uploaded it to my Instagram and also used it as my Blackberry Messanger display picture. Some of my friends were asking me where did I go. They thought that I was going to another country such like India, Thailand, and so on. #Lol ・:*:・(*´艸`*)・:*:・

After waiting a few hours........
 We've arrived, yay!!

The end of the journey today. Regards, Narcissistic Family! ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)

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