Sunday, December 28, 2014


This day was the only break day for me and my family from any other vacations during this End of the Year Holiday (because tomorrow my family and I will go for the next holiday journey *Oh my O_o*). Let's just started the photos marathon!

Mochi Ice Cream!! :3 it cost IDR7000 for each the plain designs and IDR10000 for the character designs. Yumm!! You must try it ;))

 This photos taken at Tong Tji Tea House, the food cost cheaper than I think. The Fried Choco Banana taste good! But not with the cassava, it tasted worse..

The next stop was Tunjungan Plaza. There my family and I spent a lot time for walking through every shops we met and ended in this restaurant, "Ta Wan". The foods taste very well and I love fried squid the most :b nomnomnommm,

*ignore my candid face #again* lol

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