This day was the only break day for me and my family from any other vacations during this End of the Year Holiday (because tomorrow my family and I will go for the next holiday journey *Oh my O_o*). Let's just started the photos marathon!

Mochi Ice Cream!! :3 it cost IDR7000 for each the plain designs and IDR10000 for the character designs. Yumm!! You must try it ;))

 This photos taken at Tong Tji Tea House, the food cost cheaper than I think. The Fried Choco Banana taste good! But not with the cassava, it tasted worse..

The next stop was Tunjungan Plaza. There my family and I spent a lot time for walking through every shops we met and ended in this restaurant, "Ta Wan". The foods taste very well and I love fried squid the most :b nomnomnommm,

*ignore my candid face #again* lol