Thursday, December 11, 2014

Art Day~!!

Well, Hi guys! Today my school was celebrating 'Art Day'! There were three kind of art lessons at my school. The first is Vocal, The second is Music, and the last is mine, 'Fine Art'. My friends who is joining Vocal and Music will have colaboration project, while my Fine Art friends (included me) were making art which is in my class consist of canvas painting, fashion design using mannequin also, clay craft, and some kind of 3D designs. Here are the little atmosphere that I have pictured by my own Camera (sorry if it's blurring ><) .

I used HDR that makes my phone's shutter run slower than usual and I got bad result like this :'

This is what I've made for my final Fine Art task! :3

Doodling while waiting for my classmates art (vocal ft music) performance.

아이구.. Such a tired day :' But how luckily, my uncle came this day and he brought me this cute stuff and also some cookies and CHOCOLATE! from his own country, NETHERLANDS! :DDD


And I also made some nail art this day to refresh my mind from this crazy week! #lol 

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