Sunday, November 30, 2014

What a Month! November 2014

OMG! It has been a month since my last post.. ><
 I was so busy lately. So many final project at school, final exam, and also so many works that I should do in sudden. Well, Today I'll post a lot of fun in this month that should be late posts. Here we are~

I was going out with mom and look! She bought me this. Mochi Ice Cream, the one that I have looking for a long time~ Yumm!!

 And these are what I've tried to make before, Garlic Bread and half of Risotto hmm :b

And this is, Sushi! what my auntie bought for me yesterday. The taste was.. Yumm!! Crunchy and sweet because of the apple inside.

Well, I supposed to posted this post yesterday. But it was too late night and I should go to bed. I've been so tired lately, thinking of my little old dog. She's sick. She's got bleeding everywhere and I thought it because some viruses. While this morning at 3 am, I heard her a sort of moan of hurtful. But I was too coward to go out and checking what happened. There, I cried a lot while thinking of death. And while I woke up this morning, I saw my mom was crying, and my grandma can't say any words. My little old dog has died. Oh God! I hate death, I even haven't said a little word to her.. There fore, you live in the world that is short, you can't predict born, death, marriage, or everything. You'll never can do both of them as you want. So, live in this world with peace and love. You'll find a big meaning of it later.
Good bye dear little old dog. Wish you'll always find all your happily ever after there. You should know that you'll never be replaced in my heart. Until forever..

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