Saturday, November 1, 2014

Toasted Bread and the Late Halloween Party

Hello, guys! Today was a very hot day in the first day of November. In my country, it should be rainy days actually but well.. Because this world becomes older day by day and because of the 'Global Warming' issue lately, so until today the weather still in tropic climate. Gosh! 
Today I don't have anything to do, so I walked through the corridor, looked for something to do and here I found that my grandma just bought me a hunk of bread. And because I don't have something to do, and also I saw both my mom and grandma haven't eaten since this afternoon, I made a plate of toasted bread. How does it look? :DD 

This day, my little brother (read : cousin) also came to my house to celebrate the Late Halloween party by watching horror movies named 'THIR13EN GHOST', I wasn't too enjoyed this movie because I should also finish my art homework :' How poor..

Well, the time is up. I should be back on my art task, I'll post my other experiences later on. So, stay tune! 안녕~

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