Sunday, September 7, 2014

IRO 2014 and The Stories Behind :DD (5th until 7th of September 2014)

It was a long long bad day happened before this event. I got rejected to join in by my school, blamed by so many others at school administration, but in here I learnt something new and I realized if I still have so many other encourages such like friends and they who were in Robokidz. The second home for my life. This is a picture taken by someone when my friends and I were practicing for IRO (Indonesian Robotic Competition) 2014,

This picture taken in Robokidz Patos, located in front of East Cost Center Surabaya.
The picture above might be about a week before the Competition day. Then Here they are the picture I took and found in another website about IRO 2K14 which held by Mikrobot.

This picture taken on air when the plane gonna go from terminal 2 Juanda Airport, Surabaya, to terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta.

Already in Jakarta! Now we're going to go to Tzu Chi School to join IRO 2K14.
Tzu Chi School

Our Team from Robokidz Surabaya.

The Director of Tzu Chi and Mr. Ahok as the Governor were giving speech.

And here they are, pictures during the competition, happy faces, sad faces, upset faces, but we keep smile :D

And this is what we did for wasting the empty time given while waiting for the announcement,

Here they are, the winner of IRO 2014! Congrats buddies and my some of them who are also my students!

the 3rd winner were my students when I was teaching in Robokidz a month ago :'D

Here were some of Big Fam of Robokidz, the woman in the back, and the man right 2 person after her were the owner of Robokidz =]
At the competition day night, My uncle and family came to my place and ask me to have dinner with him, my aunt, my cousins. At first we decided to go to Hakata Ikkousha, but it was full that day. So my aunt suggest us to take Thailand Restaurant today and here we go! >_<

Finally, The days ended. And here are the last pictures taken by us in the plane and in the Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Thanks for Reading! :3

Uhm waitt! I still have an activity the day I arrived in Surabaya. My family included my little brother (actually my cousin) told me if we wanna go to Ciputra World, visited Animal's Parade there and this is the picture,

Lunch at Lao Pan

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