Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dreamer Stories

Is it a long time?
Waiting for only 24 weeks, 720 days, 17280 hours and about 62208000 seconds
Said it "only" 
But this heart doesn't mean to be
Painful geek
Hurt inside
Where is that face
Gloomy night alone
Can't wait for longer
These cold hands wanna holding someone
Close inside the lonely soul
Will it come a chance?
The second one for looking back through
Forgetting all badness and just walk away
I'm not as lucky as them
Born to loving secretly
It's always my destiny for only become a secret crush
Hide along mysterious stranger
A little dream catcher blowing around
Wishing caught by a star while living in the moon
Yes this is a dreamer story
About a star and the moon
About something and anything
About you and I,
Which won't ever be 'us'

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