Monday, August 25, 2014

"When dreaming, people doubt. When successful, people say we are lucky. When failing, they even don't help. " -Anonymous-

August 25, 2014 0
"When dreaming, people doubt.
When successful, people say we are lucky.
When failing, they even don't help. "

The quotes above are right.
I found it from my friend's timeline about a month ago
At first, I think it wasn't totally right
But when the situations happened to me,
I just realised if all those words are very right
When I was dreaming of joining some competition,
My school doubt me even I'm the one who be the winner at the last year in the same competition
When I'm be the 1st winner of a competition,
All people in my school said that I'm so lucky because my Lord does exist
But when someday I'm failed in my school, such getting bad score in math test..
Nobody comes and help me to reach back my best
This is life, friends :')
It is right if we are social beings,
But the word 'Social' is lead to ourselves
Every person described it word just as they seen by their own eyes
Not by each others'
So just life like what your heart said
And never regret all the decisions that your deepest heart has said
Never believe in somebody
Because even a husband can lie to his very beloved wife
That's why just don't ever believe in somebody
Just believe in God and your life will always full fill in with happiness FOREVER.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I Believe in Miracle

August 17, 2014 0
I believe in Lord
I believe in miracles
Everything that I do,
And everything happened in my life
There should be because the will of Lord
Although I lost this last chance
But this isn't my very last
I still have a long long life that Lord has given to me
So that I believe,
If I am surely still given the other graces that Lord has planned for my better future life

Sunday, August 10, 2014

This Romantica Made Me Get CRAZY!

August 10, 2014 0
You have never looking at me
You have never make it as been
This just an usual thing
But you act as you don't like it
Wishing like that becasue you're giving
The reason for me to be pretending
Something that made me still can survive this wild..
This romantica made me get crazy!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Beautiful Ending

August 03, 2014 0
Now I'm sitting on my desk, working in front of my laptop
Thinking of my future and about the destiny of my life
I'm only a student but I have a big dream to reach
But I'm not always succeed in this mission, my way rocks

There also be sometime we only look to the sky
Found a beautiful rainbow and start wishing for another miracle
Hope looks easily to get but there will always be some pain

"Why I got this life?
Why should I live this life?
Why I don't have a beautiful life like her? Like him? Like them?
What should I do then, I have sucks life!"
That what we usually think
And these subject bring more and more sorrows on me
So then, 
I started to look at down
Try to found and clean my way from those rocks
Hide my bad mood and just paint a little smile on my face
And that's it,
I found my Beautiful Ending


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