Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Passion vs The Guy

I'm here without any other reasons before
I just choose to join this with my brain,
Because seems like this activity suits me well

More than a year passed,
Everything changed
But at first, 
I'm sure that my passion won't change also

I found a new life
Standing in the front of the school gate every Thursday
Waiting for the welcome of the new person in my life
And that time, 
I'm still the same, innocent..

Day by day passed away
Both me and that new guy, 
Come closer to each others
Joking there, joking here
We laugh everytime the time did right
All changed for the twice
Right now I wonder about my heartbeat
Is it beating because of my passion?
Am I still love doing this thing?
But when I did, but he isn't there, seems like not usual..
So what's the usual thing?
When I do this thing together with him
My heart seems won't beating at all,
My brain stop working,
And my blood seems stop flowing..
Did my passion change also?
The thing that I believe so hard won't ever changed
Does my heart changed?
It choose the guy better than the things I passion in

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