Thursday, March 6, 2014

If We..

If only my dream can come true,
My world will surely become blue
Dear love how can I tell you,
When there weren't any one around accepted this feeling

I born to be like this, 
So there you also
If only we met earlier,
If only we met somewhere else and not this place,
And if only you were mine from the first,
They will realise what do I feel this long time

I like you, I love you, I fallen for you
Since we first met
Although there were so many terrible things that I thought before
But you aren't like that
You're better than I guessed
I can see it from through your eyes
That warm sight into deeply inside

Thus now I can't say anything except wishing
Hope for tomorrow, next two days, and later
That you will always be in my side
Grip my hands tightly and never let it loose
Then dancing with me,
On the sea of our love

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