Friday, March 21, 2014

Who Can?

I know I've never been in your thought
Never been remembered
Never stuck in your heart

I know I'm not the pretty one
Can't suit your good looking appearance
I know I also just a child
A year bridge which standing between you and me
And I know that makes us far away

The time when my phone vibrated, 
I was feeling like I can't breathe
The time when I saw your name appears in my screen,
As if my heart was exploding hardly

Oppa, can't you realise?
I always there for you
When you need my shoulders to be the shelter of your tears,
I'm there
My ears always there to listen all your problems
My lips always try to give the best advice that I can give

So oppa please come to me,
Because I really need you to stand by me
I don't know what to do when you're far
Don't you realise if I always there to manage your sorrow, your pain?
And now,
When I'm hurt by somebody.. includes you..,
Who can manage mine?

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