Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fallen the Second Time

I even forgot
When were the last time I fallen in love,
How it feels to love,
Pounding whenever we close to our love

It might because of that feeling..
Ever been hurt by loving sincerely
Hurt so deeply..
Made the deepest hole in my heart
Even my muscle seems like petrified

But here I'm standing last night
Stay cheerful by a phone
Whenever I heard that kind a voice..
My heart which ever been dead,
Revived again for the second time
Because of you
The one who has changed my world
Painted a smile among my face
Erased every tears which not suit with me
You said, "You have a kind heart that has made me fallen so damn in love with you"
As asked me, "Would you stay here beside me forever?"
Guy, I'm so happy and dunno how to answer
My lips can't release any words
Because I'm so stuck in that time
The feels beside happy and surprised
That is because now I found my real story
My true love story that every girl wish to had
Because I'm fallen in love with you,
And these are all change my life..

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