Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Bloom

February 13, 2014 0
I always stand here
Wait for the right time for me to ask for future
Love bloom,
Hurt passed

The time I walk in the corridor,
My eyes stuck on the shade of a creature
The most gorgeous star that I ever seen with my own
The most shining jewel that I can't reach unto
So I lifted my hands,
Try to catch my dream
Then that white fog appears
I stopped there

A few century has passed
This is the time for me to open my eyes
The past has changed into the modern life
None paper just a new sheet of love
Then I found a box consist of so many memories in the last century
I took those inside one by one
Then I stopped with an ancient book
I opened it as if I'm in my dream
Opened a sheet by sheet until I found a picture
That creature on the last page,
Seen like something I ever known
My heart started beating again after it didn't for a long while
When my hands gonna close that book,
Another hands appear in front of me
That warmth good looking face go through my eyes
That guy kissed me gently
That is..
The guy that I've dreamt for a long time ago
Now he came here and stood in front of me
He's realy here
He's real, not only a fake figure
He smiled to me
As if there were a longing that hidden for a long long while
That lips started to open its,
"I Love You, My Princess..", he said
I confuse and wondering about how and why it goes,
He keep smiling and said another words..
"Hey, girl! I love you and will always love you for my every breathe and for my every life in this whole world. I'm a prince who grown from your deepest sincerely heart, and now I came for you.. With a thousand love that I've kept for you, for more than a thousand century ago, for later, and forever after more.."


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