Friday, January 3, 2014

True Love Story

I just watched a movie called by ‘Letters to Juliet’. The story touched me. Either Claire’s story that can drop my tears down. Sophie, right start from this time she will be my inspiration. Reminds me if our true love will never late. Although I haven’t found my true love until now, but I still have time for more than 366 days and even more than a thousand years. Who knows where, when, who, and whatever the ending is from my love story. Thus from that movie I believe, all girls have their own destiny. Their steps will bring them to somewhere which will never be wrong or nothing. The right place, and there will be only two memories which can be graven in. Meetings that provide lessons, and meetings that provide happiness. That’s life. Although so many times we have been hurt, so many times we have tried, so many times we have failed, so many times others.. True Love will certainly come at the right time. With love, Pisces J

This is the trailer from the movie, 'Letters to Juliet'. I hope so this movie can also change your whole world and make you realise about your true love :D

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