Friday, January 3, 2014

My Childhood Stories

Right now I'm stuck in here
Learn how to sketch my feelings
Warm, lonely, lovely..
Childhood memorable flashback
Such a beautiful story
A good looking prince,
Who I wish will be my braid one day

I'm too plain that time
I'm only fifth while I was feeling this way
Run over here, over there, such a happy child (yes I'm a child, 'that time')
I saw you there were standing beside her
Playing a fake family game
You became my father, 
And she became my mother
I don't know what did I feel
But just right now I realise if I felt jealous that time
So that's why I was running away
Hide my self under that small table
Wishing no one will realise it
But you come over, close to me innocently
I put my hands up so that you will not see my face
But at the last when I lifted my face, 
I see you still there wait for me
Smile, that I defined it as a hope
My first little dream while I was child
That's to be your braid
Walk beside you in a white dress, a wedding dress
And you will be my groom,
Use Korean glasses and see me like your couple
I love you, my childhood memories
That I ever wishing,
For my dream come true, someday..

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