Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prince of My Fairy Tale Dream

November 13, 2013 0

Never look back, just walk through
Because our past just a story
And our future is waiting for us,
To be passed

Go forward, walk along
When I look up deeply into your eyes
And the time you see my smile placed gently
Because of you..

Live such a little kid
Wishing for a nice fairy tale
The time I sleeping in beauty
Waiting for you to come and kiss me

I believe in my untrue wishes
My dream will come true someday
No need to wait for the christmas
Because you my prince has come true
I see you from here, come closer
Step by step, being so important
Those hands lifted,
Gripped my shoulder..
Then your smile
Really close to my lips,
Kiss my soul
Under the wet cloud
Behind this colorful rainbow..


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