Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rotten Flower

February 07, 2013 0

I do not know
All it hurts
The flower does not look bright again
Withered ..
I looked at a series of clouds above me
everything is dark
Whisper pigeons were no longer beautiful in my ear,
Precisely made ​​me deaf
I'm blind
because love
I lost in the past cheers
And deep in the Dark Ages

Sunday, February 3, 2013

RRO- Robotic Regional Olympiad 2013

February 03, 2013 0
Hey, today, I joined in RRO, a very big regional robot competition. And yeaah,, I'm not too luck, I only got the 3rd rank. But! Someone protest the result and because of his "Rock Head" the jury, my robotic teacher (Bro Jimmy) asked me to give my 3rd rank to that mad guy. He was from Frateran. and be educated by a guy who I don't like the face. Gloria's robotic Teacher. yaah, What to do, I give my 3rd rank and actually I still be the 3rd rank because that written in my sertificate. hehehe, so that's no matter :)

Held in Grand City Surabaya, East Java

Vincent never give up to try the robot wow hahaha

Look at my big smile,, this pict taken by Vincent. Thanks for the pict :D


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