Monday, December 31, 2012

Doraemon Show >< Yuppy Land (:D)

December 31, 2012 0

Today I went to Lenmarc and PTC. Actually, my first destiny was Lenmarc. Why? Because I wanna meet doraemon. But, I didn't find everything there. There was emty! Ouch, how sucks ><

Doraemon Show XDD
Queen of Lenmarc :p
Then I asked my mom to go across, PTC! Yeay, Supermall! And my mom accepted my suggestion.
We walked around there about 3 hours. We went to pet shop, bookstore, bought "Air Mata Kucing", then looked over for some fashion item. My mom bought a pair of heels in Matahari Dept Store, while myself, found kaWanku magazine, a short sleeves shirt, a soft pencil case, a childish bag, and a cute keychain. There we found a person who has an angel's voice, she sung chinese songs beautifully..

Really, what a great day it was =D

This is all I've bought at Pakuwon Town Square (PTC), or usually I call it Supermall :D

This is a cute keychain I've bought XDD

New pencil case in the new year~

Don't look at the doll :p It was a b'day present from my grandma a few year ago..
That bag, which hugged by the doll was the bag I bought at PTC :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Day 2k12~ :*

December 24, 2012 0

See, tomorrow is Christmas day! Wow!
Actually, I always see there so many Christmas tree and the other Christmas ornament lately.
This is the pict of my own Christmas tree and my school's
Merry Christmas all! Wish the best for you and your family, God Bless :D
And also, Happy Birthday baby Jesus! We always love you forever~ :*

My School's Christmas Tree, Wow! It's nice! >_<

This is mine~ XDD so simple right? wkwkwk

Without Christmas light~ ><


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