Friday, October 19, 2012

Robo-Fun 2K12

Hey there, I would like to tell you, about what I've got today! Today such a wonderful Thursday. I joined my first Robotic Competition since I entered this school and also this extracurricular. And how luck I am! I got the 1st rank in this competition!! I was so happy, because all of the participants are male and only 2 female participans who joined this competition, and I am the only female programmer who won in this competition. Yeay!

Thats me, the 3rd from the left. And there is Eko, my partner in the  right. And the guy with  a black glasses should be Vincent, and the left one is Ivander
me and my partner 

Well, she is me. Never mind to act like that x_x weww, by the way, look at Eko! he is so plain =="

My team, Hendrop 1, got the 1st rank in the first stage! yeay!

My robot reach the finish only in 16,62 sec. wow, how nice it is :D

We take a picture with the major of the competition

Hehehe,, Its me (and also my partner), with my 1st winner sterofoam wakkaa

The girl in the left one is Ma'am Yeni. She is the owner of Robokidz  Pakuwon City.. Her husband and 3 others was the  founder of Robotic. And the guy at the right side, well, he is our Robotic Teacher. He is Jimmy. and we called him as "Bro" Jimmy. (I called him mister at the first time but he angry and don't wanna called by that name, so we called him Bro now :p #Lol)

This is the track for the robot to walk along

Look, how cute I am, #lol :p
this is the result slide :D
1st winner XDD

Take a pict with our beloved Hendz VINCE-Principal =]

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