Thursday, September 29, 2011

♥ The Leo and The Sun ♥

That thing..
Something important in this world,
Something gorgeous,
Something different and special..

No one wanna have it
But not also with Leo
It always try to chase it
Altough it can't shine like the Sun

Everyday the Sun always stands above the Leo
Makes our body warm
Brighten our road
But no ones care with the Sun

Until one day the Leo stand and say,
"I always love you with all my heart, altough the clouds will separate us.."
Because the distance of them was so far,
Whatever Leo said, the Sun can't listen it

The same with our heart
Just alike Leo which always here waiting for you
I always ask how did your feeling when you close to me
Altough I know that was so futile..

Now I still sit on here,
Under your shine with a thousand hope
Wish you will come close to me
And be mine forever always

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