Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fishing Misdinar GYB & Rekat GYB 2011

Today, I went fishing with my friends from Misdinar* and Rekat* religious organizations. This day was very wonderful day in this week. We gathered and departed about 07.45 am. We gathered in front of Sint Carolus, Senior High School. I gathered with other friends after I've duty in Gembala Yang Baik Church as a acolyte with 3 other friends who didn't join to went fishing. After we arrived to the fishing spot in Sedati, Sidoarjo, I took many pictures with my digital camera which have a resolution of 5 megapixels. Altough that camera not like others photographer have, But I still can took a good photoworks.. I think. Hahaha.. Okay, these are some of many picture which I took today, I hope you'll enjoy it ^^

*Misdinar: Acolyte
*Rekat: Religious Organizations and its members are teenager who in junior until senior high school

Misdinar GYB and Rekat GYB (Gembala Yang Baik)
Me, before duty in Gembala Yang Baik church
On the way :p
Model: From left; Sheryl, Lia, and Gishella
Background: Fishing Spot, Sedati, Sidoarjo, Indonesia
Preparation, we was held a newspaper for the base where we sit and take shelter

My Friends under the three
Unlucky, I sank into mud pond ==" wew..
My footprints. I sucked by the mud here. Ouch, disgusting T_T
Gishella the master of fishing. hahaha =]

Lia, my best friend's little sister. Cute right? hahaha.. ^^
Sheryl was learning how to fishing from Gishella
Sheryl Peace~ >O<
Stephen the Fishing Event Clown wkwkwk
Gishella in Action ^^
Sedati Fising Spot ♥
I'm fishing. This picture took by Lia
Stephen wearing his shoulder bag
We're packing

Preparation before went home
We're eating grilled fish. Hmm.. Yummy!!! =]
Rekat eating grilled fish
Eating in the resto front the sedati fishing spot
Those women was revoking fish thorn
Beautiful background ♥
On The Way to went home. I took Sedati Fishing Spot's picture in the car "Travello"
On The Way, I took this picture. That man was selling fishes
Model: Gishella.
This is my church.
Before we went home with our parents, we gather in the Gembala Yang Baik Church
Model: Gishella
In my church
After that, I went home with my mom by motorcycle. My trip to my house was taking about 30 minutes. Because my house is farther than my friends house. But today was a very wonderful day that I have ^^

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