Monday, June 13, 2011

My Beloved Accessories :D

My Wonderfull Pin

♥ Colorfull Hairpin ♥

Beautiful Hair Band ☻☺

My Collection

My Necklace From My Brother

Cute Purple Bear Necklace :p
My Hairpin Which Make My Hair Be Neat and My Pink Bracelet

Cute Ribbon. I'm Loving It

Many Necklace ♥
Peace.. :D
I arrange my hair band likes a heart.. Nice, right? Ha.. Ha..

I just have 2 Watch, but I love those. The brown one I buy with my "Angpao" from Chinese New Year. And the silver one I got from my grandmother when She went to China

My Bracelet Collection XDD

My Hair Pin

This is about all my accessories. I don't like to wear any accessories to my self before. But my friend make me like to wear those. Hahaha..

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