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The Kind of "Onigiri" ☺

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Cute Onigiri

Japanese Food_Onigiri (-'_'-) Taste Better!

Colorfull Onigiri
How to make "Onigiri" ???
This is the procedure to making "Onigiri"

  1. Rice
  2. Salt
  3. Stuffing (Chicken meat, pork, tuna meat)
  4. *Nori (Seaweed)
  1. Cooking rice (the rice must use Japanese Rice to make it fused)
  2. After mature, wait for a while and mix with salt, then clench it.
  3. Clench the rice
  4. Make a holes in the rice. put the stuffing in, then clench again.
  5. The last, wrap it with *nori (Seaweed)
I hope this procedure is useful for You. Good Luck ^^ Chayo!

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